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Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory

The ability to remember information, facts, and figures, otherwise known as memory, is a fundamental skill that all children must develop in order to succeed in school. Most schools assess abilities using exams, which are in many ways a test of memory. So, if your child struggles with their memory, they can easily fall behind their classmates and peers. Fortunately, memory is a skill, and skills can be learned. In this month's blog, The Tutoring Center, The Woodlands TX would like to share with you top ways to improve memory.


Sleep is essential for memory and concentration. Make sure that your child is getting at least 7 hours of good-quality, consolidated sleep a night to give them the best chance of academic success.


Mindfulness meditation is the next big thing in psychological research – it’s great for reducing stress, improving emotional wellbeing, and can also enhance memory. Try practicing meditation with the whole family for free at home.

Use Drawings

Drawing uses a different part of the brain to writing or reading. Engaging both parts of the brain simultaneously maximizes its functionality and optimizes memory retention. Encourage your kids to complement their study with drawings and diagrams, and watch their memory improve!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Going over the same information many times, although boring, is a great way to learn facts and figures. You can use flashcards with your kids to make memorizing facts into a fun game. Flashcards have the benefit of being portable, which means you can store a small set in your bag and quiz your kids during the day.

Tutoring in The Woodlands, TX

Tutoring in The Woodlands, TX is a fantastic way to improve your child’s memory. The Tutoring Center, The Woodlands TX uses a one-on-one approach to learning to help improve focus and concentration. Call today at 281 602 3839 to find out about more about how tutoring in The Woodlands, TX can help your child improve their memory and their grades.

Teach What You Learn

Being able to teach a topic requires an in-depth understanding of it. Asking your children to prepare presentations to teach you about topics that they are studying enables them to practice doing presentations, as well as improving their knowledge of the subject.

Work Together

Most children and adolescents tend to pay more attention to what their classmates and peers are saying than what their teachers and parents are saying. Take advantage of this fact by organizing study groups for your kids and their friends.


Although the exact mechanism by which it occurs is not fully understood, it seems to be clear that raising your heart rate can increase memory function. Walking to school in the morning will help your kids to get the most out of each day at school. Do homework after football practice to take advantage of increased levels of alertness and concentration.

Use Technology To Learn

Many free applications and websites exist that are designed to help young people study while taking advantage of their love of smartphones and social media. Look online for math and grammar learning tools and apps to help your kids to improve their memory while having fun!

Use Music To Stimulate Brain Function

While it is clearly not a good idea to try and study while listening to heavy metal or reggae, certain types of music have actually been shown to stimulate brain function and improve memory. Classical music has a calming effect, and also lifts the mood, making it a great choice to play in the background during your child's study sessions.

Take Breaks

Overloading the brain actually has a negative impact on memory. Make sure to schedule break periods into your kids’ study schedules. Use break times for fun activities and rewards to keep them feeling motivated and positive about learning.

Stimulate Memory With Mind Maps

Mind maps are a fantastic, graphic tool that improves memory by creating associations between keys words, pictures, and colors in a similar way to how the brain naturally functions. Look online for more information on how to begin mind-mapping, as well as free software to help get you started.

Help Your Child Reach Their Potential With Tutoring in the Woodlands, TX

Not all children learn in the same way, and many struggle in the traditional environments found in most schools across the country. The Tutoring Center, The Woodlands TX uses innovative and proven one-on-one instruction to engage students and help them to achieve their potential. Call today at 281 602 3839 to find out more and to book a free consultation.


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