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There's no denying that the Internet is an invaluable tool that can bring people together and help them learn about anything. However, there's also a dark side to it. That's why it is important to follow the tips below to protect your child from it.

How to Manage Your Young Child's Relationship With the Internet

  1. A great way to start would be to enable any parental controls that are available to you. These will help you restrict your child's access to certain content on the Internet that's not safe for them to see.
  2. It's also important that you establish some rules regarding how your child uses the Internet. For instance, there should only be a set timeframe for which they can use the internet, and of course, their usage shouldn't interfere with their other duties or activities.
  3. Aside from activating parental controls, you should also monitor what your child is searching for on the Internet. This way, you can find any issues that may need to be addressed and handled promptly.
  4. As a last tip, talk to your child and teach them how to behave online. For instance, they should know not to allow bullying. They should also ignore people they don't know and avoid sharing information or pictures with them. Likewise, they should know to tell you if they find something odd.

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