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Mix Fun with Learning During the Summer Break

Most US schoolchildren are delighted to be ending this school year and looking forward to such a long summer break. But, did you know that officials developed the nine-month school calendar when children were needed at home to help on farms, and we couldn't cool our classrooms with air conditioning? Going for such a long period without studying each year can have quite drastic effects on test scores and academic performance. The academic regression experienced by many students over the summer break is known as ‘summer learning loss.' Some studies have shown a loss of over two month’s worth of math and computing knowledge, as well as a regression in reading and grammar skills. So, how can you prevent your child falling behind during the summer break? In this article, the experts at The Tutoring Center of The Woodlands have put together a short guide to help keep your children’s brains active during these vacations.

Take A Trip To Your Local Library

Your child likely sees a trip to the local library as purely educational. And while reading is essential to their education, during the summer break, an activity known as 'free reading' is a great way to blend education and fun. During your visit to the library, encourage your child to choose a selection of books that appeal to their personal interest. While they may not be to your preference, they will still be learning vocabulary, sentence structure, and the general basics of storytelling. Additionally, once your child finds that reading can be enjoyable they will be less resistant to reading during school.

Go on Educational Excursions

Make the most of your extra time together during the vacations by taking your child or children to visit educational places. Perhaps your town has an excellent art gallery where they can discover different styles and learn about famous artists, or they might prefer a science museum where they can learn about everything from dinosaurs to space travel. Even though these topics make up part of the school curriculum, your children may find them more appealing and easier to relate to during an enjoyable family day out instead of a tedious lecture. The key to avoiding summer learning loss is to keep their inquisitive minds occupied by constantly discovering new facts. For example, if you are planning a visit to the zoo, prepare a quiz with short questions you can ask them about different animals you expect to visit. If you are concerned about summer learning loss, or if your child has been struggling at school, tutoring in The Woodlands can help. The Tutoring Center of The Woodlands provides tutoring classes through one-to-one instruction, providing students with instant feedback in an encouraging environment. Call us today at 281 602 3839 to book a free consultation.

Get Cooking

Cooking, especially baking, with your children is a fun and practical way to practice many useful skills. Ask your family to help you measure out ingredients using grams, pounds, ounces, and flour ounces, to teach them about fractions and conversions. Having them participate by reading out the recipes also provides reading and grammar practice. And the best thing? You get to eat a delicious treat that you’ve made together.

Involve Your Kids in Budgeting

Another great way to improve math skills, especially mental arithmetic, is by involving your children in budget-making. For example, before doing the weekly shop at the grocery store, tell your children that you have a certain amount of money and need to buy a certain list of products. Provide them with guide prices and ask them to create a shopping list. This is a useful life-skill and will help your children feel like they are making a contribution to family life, while providing an opportunity to keep their brain turned on during the vacations.

Summer Camps

Summer camps can be an excellent way to keep your kids active and entertained over the summer, particularly if you have to work. Try to find a camp that provides activities that appeal to your children, such as trampolining or other fun sports, but also provides some hours of class time every week so that they don’t get behind in their academic work. As little as thirty minutes of study per day is all that is needed to keep your child’s brain stimulated.

Tutoring in The Woodlands

The Tutoring Center of The Woodlands provides a distraction free environment where students are provided with one-to-one instruction. Without any other children around, students feel comfortable asking more questions, leading to an increased understanding of each lesson. To learn more about the benefits of your child attending tutoring in The Woodlands, call us today at 281 602 3839.


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