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A dictionary can help your child in more ways than one: it can improve their spelling, it can help them understand others better, it can allow them to express themselves more accurately, it can aid in their vocabulary building efforts, it can give them a higher understanding of the English language, and more. Still, for a dictionary to produce all of these benefits, your child should know how to employ it correctly. To help them in this respect, follow the tips below on how to teach your child to use a dictionary.

How to Use a Dictionary

  1. First, you should start with the basics: learning the alphabet. If your child doesn't know their ABCs, they won't have much use for a dictionary. Practice the alphabet with them so they're familiar with how the letters are organized.
  2. Choosing the right dictionary is instrumental in ensuring that your child will be able to use it as a learning tool. That's why, for now, you should provide an updated English language that they can look through easily.
  3. Now that you have the right kind of dictionary, you should take some time to explore it with your child. Learn about its different components (like the thesaurus or the parts of speech), and how they can help them learn more.
  4. Of course, you should also teach your child to search for unknown words in the dictionary. When a word sparks their curiosity, tell them to begin by searching for the first letter in the word. Once they're in that letter's section of the dictionary, they can use the guide words at the top to locate the desired word easily.
  5. Last but not least, you should encourage your child to understand the definition of the words, so they can build their vocabulary. To that end, they should look up unknown words within the definition, so they can have a clearer grasp of the first word's meaning.

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