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Help Your Child to Increase Their Love of Writing

Not only will your child's writing skills be important to their education, both current and future, but also to their future employment and career paths. As more and more graduates leave school, the importance of a great college application or a good job application has never been greater. While these are skills which your child can learn on their own, they are best taught professionally and with your assistance. With extensive experience providing children with high-quality tutoring in The Woodlands, The Tutoring Center of The Woodlands has compiled a brief list of some great ways for parents to help their children not only increase their writing skills but their enjoyment of writing.

Keep the Subjects Relatable and Enjoyable

The type of writing which your child does during their regular school classes is always directly focused on the subjects which they are learning, and for good reason. When your child is required to write about subjects which they may not entirely enjoy, it stretches their brain to learn different writing styles and vocabulary. To help them enjoy writing, encourage them to write about whichever subjects they want. During your child's next homework session ask them to write you a story about anything and anyone they choose. With the freedom of imagination, you will be surprised at just how quickly they complete their story and just how enjoyable it was for them to write it.

Join Them in Their Writing

Despite what many parents think, children pay attention to what their parents are doing. If you simply ask your child to write and then leave them, they aren't going to feel as encouraged as they could. Instead, make some time to sit and write alongside your child. Choose a subject which you both enjoy and write a short story together. Not only will your child enjoy spending time writing with you, your own sentence structure and word choice will help them to expand theirs. If you want to help them increase their vocabulary even more, buy a thesaurus and challenge each other to use different words instead of repeating the same word more than twice. This can be a great challenge for both your child and yourself! For more formal writing lessons, speak with The Tutoring Center of The Woodlands at (281) 602-3839 about our "Geniuses in Training" programs. Delivered via one-to-one instruction, these programs are designed to help children increase their natural writing abilities and also help them to see the enjoyment writing can bring.

Me, Me, Me!

All parents can agree that children always have time to talk about themselves, and with the exciting and adventurous lives they lead, it's no surprise. Their own lives can provide a great subject for them to write about in a journal, so head to your local stationary store and get them their own. Encourage them to write about anything and everything which happened during their day along with the emotions and thoughts they had. When writing about emotions and feelings children reach for new words, especially adjectives, to help them accurately express their thoughts. This is a great way for them to naturally increase their vocabulary.

Compliments Are Always Welcomed

Sometimes it doesn't matter how much encouragement you provide to your children, the compliment of a peer or complete stranger can be more powerful. Speak with your child about starting their own blog site where they write about or comment on current affairs. If they are an avid sports fan, creating a sports based blog where they report on last night's game can be a great outlet for them to enjoy writing. Alongside this, receiving positive feedback from people who only know their writing can be a great boost to their confidence. If your child's school plays host to sporting matches, speak with them about your child being a sports reporter for the event and having their commentary printed in the school's paper for other children and their parents to read and enjoy.

Children Benefit from Tutoring in the Woodlands

To take your child's writing skills even further, book a free consultation by calling The Tutoring Center of The Woodlands at (281) 602-3839 and learn more about our "Geniuses in Training" programs which are designed to develop a child's writing skills in a professional yet friendly environment. Through one-to-one instruction, your child will be provided with a tutor who can devote their entire session to ensuring that your child not only improves their writing skills but enjoys writing.


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