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Going to the library can be a great way to spend a summer day with your child, bond with them, and encourage them to read more. If you're planning a visit, follow the tips below.

How to Go to the Library With a Young Child

  1. Going to the library can get a child a little bit too excited, which is why you need to set rules before you get there (especially if this is the first time they're going to one). Said rules should include: no yelling, no running, no straying away, no mistreating the books, and no funny business.
  2. It's important that your child knows that, while libraries are a big houses for books, they have more than just that. Explore the library with your child and get to know the computer labs, the video libraries, the map collections, and more.
  3. And while you're exploring the library, be sure to stop by the children's section (if your library has one). This is a spot that's designed to engage children with reading through games, fun books, clubs, and other activities.
  4. Finally, take some of the library home with you. Let your child choose and check out a couple of books. Give them the liberty to take the ones that pique their interest. Choose some that interest your child, just ensure they're appropriate for their age and reading level. If needed, ask a librarian for recommendations.

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