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When you think of fairy tales you think of children stories about princesses, dragons, villains and heroes. You don’t really think about how they can affect a person’s life. Did you know that reading fairy tales actually has many benefits for children’s development? The Tutoring Center, The Woodlands TX wants you to know some of those benefits, so your children can fall deeper into the magical world of reading. For this reason, they have prepared this post. If your children need some tutoring in The Woodlands, the Center’s programs will be great for them.

Fairy Tales and Tutoring in Spring, TX Make Better Readers

Fairy tales are the gateway to the world of literature. They create an interest for the world of books. As children begin to read on their own they become more familiar with the rhythm of the words in the story and understand unknown words because those stories they heard when they were younger have built a strong vocabulary in them.

Fairy tales also teach them about the basics of a story. They teach about the development of a story: introduction, conflict and resolution, they learn to recognize characters’ traits, and learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

Build Critical Thinking Skills

For every action there is a reaction, just like every decision has a consequence. Fairy tales teach children to be critical thinkers.  We all have to make choices in our life, and the outcome depends on what we chose. Children can think about how a character’s life would be different if they hadn’t made choice they made. What would’ve happened if Jack didn’t exchange their cow for the magic beans? His mother wouldn’t have gotten mad at him and thrown away the beans that made the beanstalk grow.

Children learn that not everything is at looks at first sight. Snow White ate the apple the witch gave her, because she looked like a good person. Wolves might be evil in some stories, but they raised Mowgli, so not all of them are bad.

Bring Cultures Together

A fairy tale can take from a majestic castle to a tree house deep in the jungle, all without leaving the comfort of home. Fairy tales give children a glimpse of other cultures and other ways of life around the world. They even teach some history. They might ignite their curiosity to learn about those different cultures that seem so foreign to them.

Many countries have their own version of classic fairy tales, Cinderella is an example. No matter how much the story changes from country to country the outcome is the same, good triumphs over evil. Children all across the planet know this story, whatever version it might be. Wouldn’t it be fun for your children to learn about those versions?

“Never lose a holy curiosity” – Albert Einstein

If your children are interested in learning more, tutoring in The Woodlands can help quench that thirst for knowledge. Curious minds deserve to know more. Bring your children to The Tutoring Center, The Woodlands TX to try out one of their many tutoring programs. You can schedule a free diagnostic assessment online or you can call them at: (281) 602-3839.

Grow Resilient Children

As adults we know that the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and that bad things can happen to good people. Children need to be aware that bad things can happen to everyone. Fairy tales show issues they can sometimes relate to or connect with the real world. Since most of them have happy endings, where the heroes overcome all the obstacles that come their way, children learn to understand that things can get better. Reading fairy tales provides a safe environment for them to learn about life’s hardships.

Not only do fairy tales teach about overcoming the odds, they teach children about dealing with their own conflicts. In many stories the hero is a child, so they can identify themselves with the character. They can overcome anxiety knowing they can be the heroes in their own story.


Perhaps the greatest benefit fairy tales bring is the great bonding moments between parents and children. You can share with them your favorite stories and talk about theirs, while you spend quality time together.

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