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For a young student, being a good speller may mean that they'll be better readers, speakers, communicators, and that their overall grammar will be stronger. If your child has some difficulty in this area, here are a few ideas on how you can help them improve on their spelling little by little.

How to Help Your Child Develop Their Spelling Skills

Read and Write Often

There's a very clear connection between reading, writing, and spelling. This means that the more your child engages in both of these activities, the more they'll be unknowingly practicing and strengthening their spelling skills.

Use a Dictionary

Dictionaries can be invaluable learning tools when used correctly. Ensure your child has an appropriate dictionary nearby and teach them to employ it, so they can consult it if they ever have a doubt about a word's spelling.

Try with Mnemonic Devices

It may be that your child has a challenging time with spelling because they can't remember all of the rules and exceptions associated with it. To correct this, try with silly songs and rhymes that can help them recall that information.

Create a Spelling Log

Some words have a more complicated spelling than others. For those special cases, create a spelling log where your child can write them down, practice how they're written, and relate them to other words with similar spelling.

Practice Some More

Finally, your child needs to practice more. Nowadays, there are worksheets online and apps created for the specific purpose of assisting your child in their journey to better spelling, so make use of them.

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